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Your Guide to Forest Bathing

M. Amos Clifford

In Your Guide to Forest Bathing, you'll discover a path that you can use to begin a practice of your own that includes specific activities presented by Amos Clifford, one of the world’s most experienced forest bathing experts. Whether you’re in a forest or woodland, public park, or just your own backyard, this book will be your personal guide as you explore the natural world in a way you may have never thought possible.

Forest Therapy Invitation Cards

Beth Montgomery

This unique collection of Forest Therapy Invitations is made up of 43 individual cards, each with an inspiring photograph and message. Cards can be drawn randomly and explored or perhaps be individually selected based on personal preference or calling. Packaged in an attractive little bag tied with a feather card infused with forest blessings.

Haiku Moments

Niel Halbig

This special collection of inspired Haiku experiences is made up of 43 individual cards, each with a unique photograph, message and Haiku. This deck is the first in a series of Haiku decks created by Niel and includes a unique blend of Haiku writing, nature and forest therapy, mindfulness and meditative practices. Cards can be drawn randomly and explored or perhaps be individually selected based on personal preference or calling.

Healing Trees: A Pocket Guide to Forest Bathing

Ben Page (Author) Amos Clifford (Foreword)

This book is intended as an easy approach to forest bathing, a concept that is now making its way into health and wellness practices. Part spiritual guide and part practitioner’s handbook, this accessible, practical, positivity-rich book is designed to encourage mindfulness, contentedness, and presence in the moment.

Forest Bathing with Your Dog

Nadine Mazzola

This first-of-its-kind book brings together the deep connection we have with our dogs and nature. A must-have for dog owners who want to reduce stress and anxiety for their dogs and themselves. While this book is a guide about forest bathing with your dog, it’s also a bit of a love story about your relationships with your dog, the forests you walk in, and the land you live on.

Forest Therapy Journal, A Companion For Guided or Solo Walks

Navraaz Kaur Basati

This Forest Therapy Journal is a great way to stay present during your walks & to use as a tool for reflection when looking back on your different journeys. With worksheets, note pages, space for sketching, and also mind mapping pages this journal allows the individual to explore their present moment during the walk as well as giving the mind the freedom to create and wander.

A Nature Journal for Wondering Wanderers

Navraaz Kaur Basati

A nature journal that is inspired by Forest Bathing but allows the reader to wander and explore their surroundings whether they are indoors or outdoors. This journal is a wonderful way to increase awareness as well as a sense of well being by taking cues from nature and its gentle guiding ways.

HIDASTA: The Art and Science of Slowing Down To Live Fully!

Dr. Mattie M. Decker

Based in a solid foundation of current neuroscience and ancient practices over many years helping others be successful, this book shows you how to: move step by step from where you are now, to completion of your goal, understand what has kept you from finishing in the past, gain inner control, management of your time, energy and resources, end confusion, anxiety and despair, and finish your goals!

Resilience: Connecting with Nature in a Time of Crisis

Melanie Choukas-Bradley

Nature is one of the best medicines for difficult times. An intimate awareness of the natural world, even within the city, can calm anxieties and help create healthy perspectives. This book will inspire and guide you as you deal with the current crisis, or any personal or worldly distress.

The Joy of Forest Bathing

Melanie Choukas-Bradley

A simple antidote to our nature-starved lives, This book is an enticing and comprehensive introduction to forest bathing—or Shinrin-yoku, in Japan—the meditative practice of connecting with nature and disconnecting from the distractions of daily life.

The Overstory

Richard Powers

The Overstory, winner of the 2019 Pulitzer Prize in Fiction, is a sweeping, impassioned work of activism and resistance that is also a stunning evocation of―and paean to―the natural world.

The Great Work

Thomas Berry

Berry is the leading spokesperson for the Earth, and his profound ecological insight illuminates the path we need to take in the realms of ethics, politics, economics, and education if both we and the planet are to survive.

How Trees Can Help You Find Health and Happiness

Dr. Qing Li

This expert in forest medicine shows how forest bathing can reduce your stress levels & blood pressure, strengthen your immune & cardiovascular systems, boost your energy, creativity & concentration, & even help you lose weight & live longer.

The Outdoor Adventurer’s Guide to Forest Bathing

Bartlett Hackenmiller, Suzanne, M.D.

The only guide to Shinrin-yoku for the outdoor adventurer! With techniques tailored for hiking, mountain biking, paddling, climbing, trail-running, and cross-country skiing, this is the definitive outdoor guide to the practice.

With Nature in Mind

Andy McGeeney

This book explains how a deeper connection to nature can improve quality of life, by combining the therapeutic power of mindfulness and being out in the natural world.

The Forest Unseen

David George Haskill

Written with remarkable grace and empathy, The Forest Unseen is a grand tour of nature in all its profundity. Haskell is a perfect guide into the world that exists beneath our feet and beyond our backyards.

The Nature Principle

Richard Louv

Supported by groundbreaking research, anecdotal evidence, and compelling personal stories, Louv offers renewed optimism while challenging us to rethink the way we live.

The Hidden Life of Trees

Peter Wohlleben

Are trees social beings? In this international bestseller, forester and author Peter Wohlleben convincingly makes the case that, yes, the forest is a social network.

A Natural History of Senses

Diane Ackerman

Diane Ackerman’s lusciously written grand tour of the realm of the senses includes conversations with an iceberg in Antarctica and a professional nose in New York, along with dissertations on kisses and tattoos, sadistic cuisine and the music played by the planet Earth.

The Spell of the Sensuous

David Abram

Animal tracks, word magic, the speech of stones, the power of letters, and the taste of the wind all figure prominently in this intellectual tour de force that returns us to our senses and to the sensuous terrain that sustains us.

Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling

John Muir Laws

A potent combination of art, science, and boundless enthusiasm, the latest art instruction book from John Muir Laws is a how-to guide for becoming a better artist and a more attentive naturalist.

The Global Forest

Diana Beresford-Kroeger

Presented in short interconnected essays, The Global Forest draws from ancient storytelling traditions to present an unforgettable work of natural history. Beresford-Kroeger is an imaginative thinker who writes with the precision of a scientist and the lyricism of a poet.

The Nature Fix

Florence Williams

The Nature Fix demonstrates that our connection to nature is much more important to our cognition than we think and that even small amounts of exposure to the living world can improve our creativity and enhance our mood.

Travel Tea Set

Lucky Forest Factory

This portable ceramic Kungfu travel tea set includes a beautiful carrying case, 4 teacups, and a tea canister. it also includes a tea tray that is made of bamboo panel and melamine chassis. It is very durable and easy to clean.

Deep Forest Essential Oil

Plant Guru Store

Crisp and refreshing, this blend embodies the essence of pine, infusing an invigorating and purifiying aroma that is suitable for both cleansing and respiratory situations. Excellent in aromatherapy for expanding the lungs. Diffuse throughout the air to remove impurities and impart a fresh scent.

Japanese Cast Iron Teapot


This beautiful leaf design Japanese cast iron teapot can be used for guides Forest Bathing tea ceremony. The fully enameled interior helps preserve the taste of the tea original and pure and allows for easy care.

Tree of Life Journal

Peter Pauper Press

This vegan leather notebook adds elegance to your writing. It is a singular journal, featuring decorative stitching, soft, leather-like cover material, and a beautiful ''Tree of Life'' design.

Leaves Candle

Sweet Water Decor

This leaves scented candle encompasses all things 'forest' into a single candle! You can smell the cider, oranges, and cinnamon being made on the stove while the crisp air swirls leaves fallen outside. A warm and inviting scent that is perfect in any room of you choose!

Sit Spot Pad


This slim foam folding seat cushion and pad is great to take along on your forest bathing walks. It is lightweight and easy to carry. The product comes with 1 seat pad and 1 storage bag that is the same color as the pad.The pad comes in blue, green and purple.

Moisture-Proof Sit Spot Pad


This foam folding pad has a lightweight compact design. The seat is waterproof and moisture-proof to protect you from the dirt and keep pants clean and dry. It provide soft, dry and warm on the wet logs or cold rocks.

Grounding Mat


Grounding is known to use the earth's natural energy to improve health and well-being. This grounding pad is made of durable and high quality SBR Foam which is topped with a comfortable, conductive vegan leather. The mat measures 13”x11” and comes with a 15 foot grounding wire to connect to an electrical outlet.

Unisex UV Protecting Sun Hats & Neck Flap


This hat features 50+ UPF fabric which block 98% of UV rays. This flap will protect your ears, neck and the back of your head from the scorching summer sun. It is made of quality polyester which is lightweight, quick-drying, foldable, water and stain resistant. It is one Fits All: adjustable back band and chin strap provide a comfortable fit and keep your hat firmly on your head.

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