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Have a question? 

We’re here to help. If you can’t find an answer here, contact us for a quick response.

How do I contact someone if I need more information?

That is SUPER easy! We are here to help at any point when you needs us….Please feel free to connect with us through our contact form at any time. Please BE sure you also check out all of our video tutorials and other FAQ’s – we have tried to help the best we can by providing tons of information at your fingertips!

Where can I find your privacy policy?

Our privacy policy I can be found here.  Let us know if you have any questions.

I just read about a guide how do I find her on the FBF website?

If there is a specific guide that you want to find out more about or book a walk with all you have to do is go to the find a walk – located here – and put their name in the space that asks you for it…If they do not come up for some reason please just email us their name and we will find their profile for you on our website or we will try to find their direct contact information and reach out to them on your behalf. 

What happens if I can’t attend a walk I signed up for?

Life always throws us curveballs so it certainly makes sense that sometimes you may have to change your plans! We did not handle refunds the guides will talk with you directly regarding refunds and credits. When you signed up for a walk you should have received an email with the guides   name. All you have to do is go to the guides profile page and you will see an area where you can email the guide directly with any questions (including refunds/credits) you may have…..If you are not receiving a response for some reason do let us know and we will contact the guide directly.

How do I locate a venue (spa, botanical garden, resort, etc.) that offers forest bathing walks?

All of the venues that are part of  Forest Bathing Finder have entered their walks directly into our website. They do not have profile but their upcoming walks will be available and represented in the “find a Walk” list. The best thing to do is enter the name of the venue and their zip code and they should pop up on the top of the “Walks Near You” list. If you are having any trouble feel free to reach out to our team and we will get back with you in a jiffy!

Are you a customer looking for support?

We’re here to help. If you can’t find an answer here, contact us for a quick response.

Why does FBF charge a service fee for walk registrations?

We charge a 3% service fee each time a participant registers for a walk. This transaction fee is immediately removed when the payment is processed. The service fee is charged to help cover the costs of the credit card fees, products, services, payout charges and support we provide, This fee is routinely the case unless otherwise agreed to by the guide and FBF. The amount of the service fee is calculated from the price that guides/venues set for their walks. Guests who are looking at walks see the total price that they’ll pay to register. No other service fees are charged to guests at this time. FBF automatically withholds service fees from payouts after a completed walk is registered. Payouts are released 24 hours after the one time walk or the first walk in a series. Guides are paid out their earnings with the service fees already removed. Guides do not need to reimburse FBF for service fees. If your walker requests a refund for a booking that had a fee applied, please contact us and we can help you issue the proper amount.

Do you have any tutorials I can watch to help me understand how to subscribe and create a profile page on the FBF website?

Yes we do! All you have to do is click here and you will see an area where all of our website tutorials are housed. The videos will also be housed in your subscription dashboard so you can watch them any time you need a refresher when you are adding new walks, uploading photos or simply just want to enhance your guide profile page!

How do I withdraw my money from my wallet?

This is the fun part – walkers have taken your walk and now your money is ready for you to withdraw! We have created a special video to help you understand exactly how you can withdraw funds at any time you want! Just a couple of things to remember – we hold $50 in your account at all times just in case a walker needs a refund or there is a last minute credit card issue, etc. Remember this is YOUR money so if you ever need to cancel these funds will be immediately released.

What do I do If I want to cancel my subscription?

Well, of course we never want to see you go – so do contact us if you feel our team might be able to help with any questions or issues you might be incurring. That being said, we clearly understand that sometimes it might be necessary for you to cancel your subscription so we want to make it as easy as it was to sign up! Please just click this unsubscribe button and follow the steps. If you have any issues with the process just contact us and someone will get back to you with feedback.

Am I responsible for providing walkers with liability waivers?

Yes – all guides and venues offering walks are fully responsible for providing walkers with liability waivers and fully responsible for all coverage of any claims, issues or incidents that happen to walkers before, during or after a walk. Forest Bathing Finder, LLC has no responsibility in any case for the liability incurred.

How do I post a “Guest Expert” video or blog?

It’s SUPER easy! All you have to do is go to your guide profile page and you will see a button on your dashboard that say “manage your content”….Hit that button and there will be 2 options that will drop down – blog and video. Take it one step further by hitting clicks on the type of content you would like to submit and thew directions going forward are very easy to follow. If you have any trouble just take a quick look at our content management learning module to learn more about the process. And remember – you can always reach out to us if you feel like you need a bit more help!

From our users . . . 

"Forest Bathing Finder has truly been a gift. I don’t have to worry about building a website, taking money when walkers sign up or marketing – now I can just concentrate on guiding my walks!"

- Jane S.

"As a guide I didn’t know how I was going to afford a website of my own – I saved so much money by joining Forest Bathing Finder. This website solved all my problems."

- John R.

"I was traveling to San Diego with five of my girlfriends and we wanted to go on a guided walk – we were able to easily find one, right near our hotel, by using Forest Bathing Finder."

- Suzanne A.

"I was looking for a spa that offered Forest Bathing and this is the only website that had all of my options in one place. Forest Bathing Finder made the search a piece of cake!"

- Suzanne A.

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