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Melanie Choukas-Bradley

Chevy Chase, MD, USA

Melanie Choukas-Bradley is a Washington, DC author and certified nature and forest therapy guide who leads forest bathing walks, field trips and tree tours for the Audubon Naturalist Society, the United States Botanic Garden, the Smithsonian Associates, the Maryland Native Plant Society, etc.

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Kelly Brown

Washington, D.C., USA

Kelly Brown is a Lower Elementary guide of a bustling, inquisitive, nature-loving, and socially active group of students. A second life path under construction for Kelly comes in the field of Nature and Forest Therapy, one that matches well with his life and work at Butler Montessori School.

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Sharon Lohse, RN, MSN, Masters Bioethics, Horticultural Therapist, Certified Forest Therapy Guide

Montgomery Township, NJ, USA

The forest is "For-Rest" - That is my guiding thought when I lead walks in Central New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. I am a retired Mastered prepared psychiatric nurse with certificates in Mindfulness, Horticultural Therapy and Forest therapy. Nature is the therapist - I open the door.

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Nadine Mazzola

Acton, MA, USA

Nadine is founder and director of New England Nature and Forest Therapy Consulting and a Certified Forest Therapy Guide, Trainer and Mentor with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs (ANFT). She also coordinates the practicum and heads up Trail Certification for the ANFT.

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Phyllis Abramson

Atlanta, GA, USA

Phyllis is an Certified ANFT guide and accompanies people on walks through various natural settings in Georgia. As a registered nurse, and a marriage and family therapist, Abramson appreciates the role of Forest Bathing as an important complement to any health practice, including her own.

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Rhana Kozak PhD

Encinitas, CA, USA

Rhana’s entrepreneurial journey is multi-faceted with the human and Nature connection at the center of each endeavor. Beginning in the 1980’s with her floral boutique, herbal healing, aromatherapy educator and dowsing, unfolding into an award-win......

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