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Lori Carter

Lori Carter

As a life long lover of all things nature, I am a Certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide with ANFT. As the proprietor of Interconnected Forest Therapy I love sharing my passion with others through guided walks in the beautiful landscape that is Northwest Arkansas.

On a Guided Forest Therapy Walk we will meander through nature, taking in our surroundings using all of our senses and imaginations, inviting participants to use their senses to experience nature in a whole new way. Forest Bathing has been proven to reduce blood pressure & pulse, improve mood, reduce stress and boost your overall mental and physical wellbeing. Walks take between 1.5 and 2 hrs and we will only go around ¾ of a mile at most. Physical limitations can easily be accommodated (please let me know of any special needs ahead of time). My practice is absolutely inclusive. ALL are welcome! Nature is waiting to bring you to your senses.

Let’s meander together and soak it all in. 

Park Springs Park -Burns Arboretum/Natural Trail

Park Springs Park -Burns Arboretum/Natural Trail

Feb 25, 2023 | 01:00 P.M. - 03:00 P.M.

300 Northwest 10th Street, Bentonville, AR, USA

Inspired by the Japanese practice of Shinrin-yoku, forest bathing is a guided outdoor healing practice. It encourages you to be present in the body and space surrounding you and feel the sensation of being alive. There are many benefits of Forest Bathing including lowered blood pressure, lower cortisol levels, reduced stress, improved attention, immunity boost and elevated mood. Join me for a slow meander in nature using your senses to notice things that go unnoticed in our daily, busy lives. In this 2 hr session I will guide you on a slow meander in nature through a series of invitations designed to awaken your senses and imagination and to experience the serendipity that the natural world has to offer. We will end the walk by offering a group tea gathering, celebrating the Forest and our experience. This practice is for everyone. It’s not a hike, it’s just a slower walk that will cover no more than ¼ mi. Lori is a Forest Therapy Guide certified by the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy.

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Bentonville, AR, USA





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