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MaryDonna Whyte

MaryDonna Whyte

Nature lover and guide, daughter of the Divine, devotee of the Sacred, Goddess, metaphysical muse, alchemist, tree hugger, wanderer, nurse, sister, friend, godmother, auntie, pet mom, artist…

My joy and passion is empowering you to awaken to your true nature, listen to the voice of your soul and discover the gifts that are uniquely yours.The voice of the soul. What is that? How do we unearth the truth of remembering who we are, and what we are here for? For me, it came from years of yearning to know myself more deeply. And I was guided to practices including nature connection, to open my heart, and tap into my inner wisdom.

The wonders of the natural world - change of seasons, sacred geometry, the flow of water around rocks in the river, the rising and setting of the sun and moon - show us that there is a Universal flow and divine right order to life, and that we are all connected. My love affair with nature began as a child, in my grandmother’s garden of roses, peonies, violets, and geraniums. I could not wait for the spring blossoming. And for the occasional girl scout weekend overnights at Camp Sacagawea - a welcome escape from suburban life and into the forest, where I found peace and comfort, and could just be me. It felt so good to be immersed in the smells and beauty of the trees, plants, and the water.

Twenty years ago I moved from my birth home of Southern New Jersey, to Western Massachusetts, and fell in love with New England and the outdoors. In July 2020, I discovered the relatively new field of nature therapy and forest “bathing” when a friend told me about the book, “Your guide to Forest Bathing: Experience the Healing Power of Nature”. The author, Amos Clifford founded the Association for Nature and Forest Therapy (ANFT). Forest Bathing, or Shinrin Yoku, is the practice of taking in the atmosphere of the forest through all of the senses. And is a powerful and proven method for relieving stress, boosting mood and immunity and fostering a deeper bond with nature.

I am grateful to have found my way to ANFT guide training, and am so pleased to be offering this simple yet powerful healing practice to others, both in person and remotely. I combine my gifts, talents and abilities to create individual, family or group offerings, with nature and forest immersion experiences that also may include energy medicine, aromatherapy, wellness coaching, nature journaling, sketching, photography and more. Additionally, I create nature connection workshops and presentations for health care providers, hospitals, conservation organizations, land trust stewards, schools, and more.

Fare Thee Well Wholeness Center

Fare Thee Well Wholeness Center

Oct 30, 2021 | 10:00 A.M. - 12:30 P.M.

153 Pond Brook Rd, Huntington, MA, USA

Sink into the softness of the forest floor, sit awhile, and breathe with the trees. Join me on a guided forest bathing walk in the beautiful meadow and 20 acre woodland at Fare Thee Well in Huntington MA, located on Pond Brook Rd (Route 66), just outside of Westhampton. This is a guided 2 -2.5 hour forest and nature connection experience on an easy to moderate trail. We will move slowly, guided by a series of invitations, enjoying the simple pleasures of the moment. And immerse our senses in the many the living forest surrounds and touches us. The destination is "here", rather than "there", focusing on connection with the natural world, and ourselves. Public Group 2 -2.5 hour walks are offered on a “Pay from the Heart” donation basis, with the intention to increase accessibility to the transformational and healing practice of Nature and Forest Connection experiences. Simply pay the amount your heart guides you to, based on your financial circumstances. Participants who are able to contribute the Pay It Forward rate directly supports those who cannot afford that amount. We periodically donate a percentage of our net profit to the Western MA Food Bank, or land trust and conservation organizations. Thus, your generosity helps to provide food and necessities to our neighbors in need, and helps steward the beautiful protected lands we are privileged to use. Community Supported $20.00 Standard : $40.00 Pay it forward: $60.00

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- Suzanne A.

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