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Jane McCluskey

Jane McCluskey

Jane is a conciliator, writer, artist, gardener, feng shui practitioner, nature/forest therapy guide. Jane follows a path of complementary philosophies, being raised a naturalist, finding affinity with nature-based spiritual traditions, & utilizing several modes of alternative health care. Jane has studied Aikido, feng shui, animal husbandry, gardening, physics, violent social conflict resolution, and dabbled in art.  Her current interests include how to engender compassion and choice to form resilience against alienating processes in society, trauma and the influences of violence.  She is passionate about creating peace and beauty through methods of sustainable living, as well as empowering the public through good information and open-minded dialogue. Meanwhile, her intuition in gardening encouraged her faith in the Earth’s natural propensity to heal itself and reveal true beauty. Jane started a new business in 2006 with a mission for authentic service. Prior to this, Jane was a family mediator and facilitator in Washington, D.C., and continues to offer these skills as a part of a growing actualization aspect to her mission. She has lectured and presented on topics related to conflict, trauma and violence. Examples include: Annual Conference Managing Conflict in the Workplace and Beyond, Bowie State University Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution, Bowie, Maryland VIII International Symposium on Torture, New Delhi, India; European Conference of Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution, San Sebastian, Spain; International Society of Political Psychology, Montreal; National Conference on Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution, Duquesne, Pennsylvania. She has also conducted field research in South Africa and Sri Lanka to study first-hand trauma intervention and recovery strategies during entrenched violent conflict. Professional papers centered on “culturally internalized trauma”(c 1993) and the origins of compassion. She also offers brown bag talks on feng shui principles, elements of natural living, finding feng shui balancing principles in daily life, and recognizing plant sentience through direct relations between human beings and plant beings. For more about Jane's background, visit

Thank you for checking in.  We have completed our series of pre-scheduled walks.  More to come.  Meanwhile, if you would like to schedule a private walk for you or your group, please write me directly at

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