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Love All Around

by | Jan 9, 2024 | Insights

The forest works in mysterious ways.

This month, I had the honor of guiding 4 lovely guests through the forest of Magic Tree Sanctuary during a forest bathing event. 
As we stood in the parking lot waiting for the last guest to arrive, I spotted a smooth-top, brown speckled mushroom with a heart shape indentation on its surface. 
A love note from the forest.

What I didn’t know then was it would be only one of the series of love notes my guests and I would receive.
An hour later, just before everyone returned from sitting with a tree, I looked down and saw a red heart-shaped leaf to the left of my feet. When the group gathered around I showed them the heart and one woman blurted out in excitement, “I saw a heart in the bark on my tree!” 
Of course, she had the photo to prove it. 
Then everyone shared stories of their experiences with the trees. One guest remarked that he felt his tree was in need of love, and another told us she had been prompted to hug her tree.  We all took note of the emerging love theme.
Soon after, the rain began and everyone donned their rain gear. To my surprise, I noticed one guest had tucked her long blonde hair underneath a black baseball cap which showcased a stitched multi-colored heart above the “radiate love” message on the front.
Toward the end of the forest bathing walk, the group gathered for tea and it was only then that I remembered the name of the brew I had made–the Pukka brand herbal blend called…you guessed it…love. 
Then, before everyone left for the day, we pulled cards from the Tree Wisdom oracle deck. We went around the circle sharing our cards and when it was the woman in the baseball cap’s turn to share, she held up her card. We all read the two words written on the card. Radiate Love.
Unbelievable, right?
Only if you view the forest as a backdrop or background–just a landscape. As something separate.
The more time I spend in the forest, the more certain I am. The forest (and Earth) is alive and is always communicating with us. When we see these signs or messages, it shows us that we are in harmony with the flow of life. We are one with nature, connected to the one universal force. We are a part of the web of life.
And on that day, the forest communicated love. 
It was a wonderful way to end the event season at Magic Tree Sanctuary.  
Our events may be over until the spring, but private forest bathing sessions (for individuals and groups) are still available as well as private retreats so please reach out if this is something that interests you. 
Otherwise, consider this note a reminder to open yourself to the love all around. 
Forest Love,
The universe is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to become sharper.
                                                                                                            —Eden Phillpotts

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