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Shanty Bay in Ontario, Canada, isn’t just a beautiful locale; it’s also home to two gifted Forest Bathing Finder (FBF) guides: Beth Montgomery and Niel Halbig. They’ve harnessed the essence of nature and woven it into unique card collections that serve as a bridge between nature’s splendor and personal reflection.

Beth Montgomery’s Collection: Forest Therapy Invitations

Beth’s Forest Therapy Invitations collection comprises 43 distinct cards, each radiating inspiration from carefully chosen photographs accompanied by thought provoking messages. Whether you’re feeling adventurous and choose a card at random, or you feel drawn to a specific card, Beth has designed the set to resonate with any mood. Presented in a charming bag adorned with a feather card, it’s clear that the forest’s blessings envelop each piece.







Niel Halbig’s Collection: Inspired Haiku Experiences

Niel’s Haiku deck is an ode to the ancient art of Haiku, melded with the serenity of forest therapy and mindfulness practices. Each of the 43 cards in this collection showcases a unique photograph paired with a message and a Haiku. As the first in a line of Haiku decks from Niel, it reflects a harmonious blend of poetic eloquence, natural beauty, and meditative mindfulness.








You can find both of these collections at their online haven: Soul Nurturer.

About the Guides:

Beth Montgomery:  As a Certified Forest Therapy Guide, Restorative Yoga Teacher, and Personal Journeying Coach, Beth wears many hats. But what ties them together is her unwavering passion. Her unique blend of educational insights and infectious enthusiasm proves invaluable to her students. Beth’s approach isn’t just about teaching; it’s about creating a space of understanding and ushering in new avenues of thought.


Niel Halbig:  For Niel, nature has been a lifelong companion, offering endless insights and fostering an evergreen curiosity. He revels in walking alongside his clients on their unique journeys. To him, the forest is a place of profound wisdom – a space where everything is in its perfect place, requiring no alteration.



Join Beth and Niel in their mission to bridge the worlds of nature and self-reflection, and let their creations guide your journey.

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