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Hambidge Center


Date/Time: Nov 16, 2019 | 9:00 A.M.- 11:30 A.M.
Venue: Hambidge Center
Address: 105 Hambidge Court, Rabun Gap, GA 30568, USA
Instructor: Phyllis Abramson

Hambidge Center is hidden away on 600 acres of pristine forest on the Georgia/North Carolina border. It is a cherished respite for artists from around the world. You will experience a deep nature connection on this 2 1/2-hour walk with Certified Forest Therapy Guide, Phyllis Abramson, RN, PhD. Peel the layers of stress away and support healing by experiencing the medicine of the forest. We’ll do a series of relaxing and engaging activities to tap into our senses, deepen nature connection, hone intuition and connect with the natural world around us.

Special Instructions

This walk covers a total distance of about 1 mile on well-maintained trails. The walk will still be on if it’s raining, unless it is a really big downpour or violent storm.

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Event Details

Date/Time: Nov 16, 2019 | 9:00 A.M.- 11:30 A.M.

Approximate Duration: 2.5 hours

Venue: Hambidge Center

Address: 105 Hambidge Court, Rabun Gap, GA 30568, USA

Instructor: Phyllis Abramson


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