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Shed, Create, Begin Again

by | Aug 9, 2023 | Insights

Mother Earth is shifting.

You’ve all seen the headlines, heard the stories, noticed the changes in real-time.

These are pressurized times we are living in.

Each detailed choice matters.


What do you value? What do you believe? What habits are guiding your life?

These questions can lead us down a path into the unknown world of self-discovery.


It may evoke some fear in you, some dread.

It may awaken some hope.

All is welcomed here in this space.


When we love all parts of ourselves, the perceived ‘good’ and ‘bad’, we come to live more fully.

More aligned.

More whole.

Mother Earth is asking each of us, “What makes you feel more authentic? More like your true self? The self that you hide away in fear of another heartbreak, another storm, another trauma?”


Mother Earth is us and we are it.

How we treat ourselves, we treat the earth.

All is connected. All is one.

This truth has been known for thousands of years.

Only the truth sustains itself, the false falling away.

One needs the other to exist.

All is welcomed here.


Maybe it is our own selves who are in trouble.

Maybe it is each one of us in denial of who we truly are.

The outward is a reflection of the inward.

This is an invitation to take a look inside.


When we act out of fear, we destroy.

When we act out of love, we create.

One needs the other to exist.

All is welcomed here in this space.


We are learning and growing, growing and learning.

Again and again and again.

To find stability of Mother, we find stability in the self.


I see reflections of choice and action staring straight back at me.

Somewhat apprehensive, I question if this is truly me.

Oh, all of the pain and suffering I have caused!

I will not stay to wallow.

I will shed.

I will create.

I will begin again.


When we deny parts of ourselves, we are denying the very universe to course through our veins, enlighten our minds, heal our hearts.

We are denying life.

Life is suffering.

Life is bliss.

And everything in-between.


Allow and flow.

Like the river, the vein of the earth.

Vital, life-giving, monumental.


We are separate and we are one.

The dichotomy, oh, the mystery of it all.

How can two opposite truths exist in the same space?


Unconditional love to be exact.

Agape encompasses all, excludes none.

This is the type of love the universe has for you.

The type of love Mother Earth provides.

The type of love that is in every single one of us, what we were born as and what we transition to embody as when the veil of reality is lifted.

We can deny, but the truth will sustain.


Mother Earth.

The oasis of life,

breathing, moving, shifting, changing.

It breathes with us, for us, and us for it.

We are connected. We are one.

We are individual. We are unique.

An invitation to open oneself to the truth, in whatever form it takes.


What do you value? What do you believe?

I believe in my own power to embody truth, multiple truths at once, and the one truth many times.

I value living with and through the universe, in a way that aligns with my purpose here.


Why would I hold myself back from full expression?

There are limits to growth each day, yet evolution still occurs over time.

Two truths, existing simultaneously, one needing the other, in order to be.

All are welcome here in this space.


Your best will shift each day.

These times call for us to stand fully in the light of our deepest truth.

Be present, be real.

Breathe deep.

Focus on what you value like the earth sets the ground beneath us, an ever-present foundation.

Frame what you believe around it like the air encompasses the space above, an omniscient force.

Craft your reality from the inside out.

What do you want to see more of in the world?

Peace? Love? Justice? Truth?

Be that.

The power is already here, waiting for you to answer to its call.

Be and see.

​The universe has got your back.

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